ReDNet Project and EMCDDA are pleased to announce that the

First International Conference on Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS):

"The Ever-Changing World of Psychoactive Drugs"

will be held on 12-13 March 2012

in Budapest, Hungary.

This conference will offer a unique opportunity to network and share scientfic knowledge on the nature of novel compounds and the clinical and legal challenges faced by multi-disciplinary professionals today.

Around 40 speakers from the European Union and further afield will attend to share their experience and knowledge of novel psychoactive substances, intervention and prevention models and the role of information technology in this phenomenon.

The conference will be broadcast live here. Come back on Monday 12th at 1pm (UK time) or 2pm CET time. On Tuesday 13th, streaming will start at 8,30 (UK time) or 9,30 CET time.

Click here to view a recording of the previous seminar

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