New Database on Legal Highs

We are currently developing a new database format which will intergrate the Psychonaut database with the ongoing work of the ReDNet project.This is based on a Wiki concept for wider collaboration across members. It will also be easily accessible via mobile devices such as iPhones or iPads. However, during the development and testing periods access will be limited to research partners.

Morever, some of the Psychonaut technical reports are now available via this link. Please contact us if you want to know more or contribute to the development of the reports. Alternatively you can follow us on twitter or facebook.

For members only, click on the image below or this link to access the database. Username/password are required.

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As part of the ReDNet project we will survey health and other professionals as well as young people about their understanding and knowledge of legal highs across various countries in Europe.

There will also be an opportunity to actively contribute to the development of ICT tools and their content.

Please sign up to this contribute form if you would like to be involved and are happy for us to contact you in the near future.

Please note that these research activities have been approved by the Faculty of Health and Human Sciences ECDA, Pharmacy and postgraduate Medicine Ethics Committee at the University of Hertfordshire (PHAEC\10-42).