What is it?

SMAIl is an integrated SMS-Email system which enables users to:

  • receive regular emails/messages that contain fact-sheets with scientifically-based information on the nature and the risks of novel psychoactive compounds
  • receive regular SMS/emails that contain invitations to events/meetings
  • send SMS with the name of a drug/topic and automatically receive an SMS and/or email containing the requested information. Additional documentation can be either embedded or linked.

In addition, the system is able to:
  • recognize nick names or chemical names used for the drugs
  • record and classify received messages, so that that requests can be viewed and analyzed by the researchers
  • allow researchers to contact users directly about the nature of their enquiry
ReDNet SMAIL represents a unique dissemination tool, which is currently free of charge and available internationally.

How to use the SMAIL service?

Using SMAIL is easy and free.

  • Text the drug name (Chemical or “Street name” of the product) to the ReDNet SMAIL line 0044 7781 482 595. It is important that you text from the phone number that you have used for the registration in order to access the service.

  • Within 10 seconds, you will receive back a SMS alert as well as an e-mail with more comprehensive information about the requested substance. If SMAIL cannot meet your request, then the ReDNet research team will investigate it further and get back to you.

How to subscribe for the SMAIL Service

  • Step one: Complete the registration form. You will need to fill in the registration and then click submit button.

  • Step two: We will process your information. Once we have received and reviewed your submission, we will send you a welcome text message and e-mail you the instruction.

  • Step three: Start using SMAIL
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